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Proper preparation of advertising materials is a key aspect affecting quality of print. Forgetting about the necessary bleeds or margins results in a disproportionate project, and improper image processing can spoil the entire printout to a degree that disqualifies the advertisement from the distribution. These are just a few of the many aspects that need to be taken into account in order to get high-quality print. All advertising materials are checked by me for quality and errors (so-called preflight), what helps to avoid unnecessary costs and time wasting.

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The following example applies to the printing service only, with graphic design delivered by client

1. Preflight

Obtaining information on the quality of photos and if design is prepared correctly for printing in a specific size and technique.

2. Improvement

Fixing up basic errors is included in the price of prints made by me. More complex problems require that you return the work to the author to refine it. If you have source files in an open format, I can improve your design too for an additional fee.

3. Preflight

Re-check of the design. In the absence of errors, design goes to print.

4. Printing and delivery

All prints are made based on prepayment. Time of the delivery depends on the chosen printing technique and mode. Express prints are usually delivered within two working days (with an order and payment placed to 11 a.m). In normal mode, most of the prints are delivered within 4-5 working days.

Price list

Below you will find the most popular advertising materials along with the cost of their print. In every case price includes delivery to any address within the Netherlands. The offer includes a very wide selection of materials, methods of print refinement and presentation.
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